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To create a new step on each slide press the ‘New Step’ icon This will bring any selected items onto the new step, and update the ‘Current Step’ to be this step. Draw whatever items you want on this new step. Use the ‘Current step’ menu (top right) to change to any step on this slide. Empty step layers are periodically automatically removed. The lower Status line shows you what step or layer any item is on. Add a new Slide by selecting the Insert -> New Page menu. To preview your Presentation (to test the animations) click the button on the top. Right click on an item and select the Presentation menu to see more options.
Roxilab is a small, US domestic source dedicated to providing you with quality
gear at reasonable prices. We are able to keep our prices THIS low because we
do not wish to compete with the larger UGL’s in terms of size and scale. We
believe that quality and customer service should not suffer due to volume and
increase of business, so if we feel that growth is effecting our mission
statement, we reserve the right to put a daily cap on orders received so to
assure we can handle all orders competently and diligently.
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